It’s Not Just About Expenditures

The OLIG reminds all lobbyists and employers of the requirement to not only report expenditures, but also lobbying activity conducted during the reporting period.

Legislative lobbying activity is promoting, advocating, opposing or otherwise influencing the passage, modification or defeat of any matter pending before the general assembly; including: bills, resolutions, amendments, nominations, and proposed rules before JCARR as well as any matter before the controlling board and the executive approval or veto of any bill acted upon by the general assembly through direct communication with any legislative reportable person.

Executive agency lobbying activity is promoting, opposing or otherwise influencing any decision of the executive agency regarding an expenditure of state funds or an award of any contract, grant, lease, or other financial arrangement under which state funds are distributed/allocated; or a regulatory decision of an executive agency, or any board or commission of the state through direct communication with any executive agency reportable person.

Retirement system lobbying activity is promoting, opposing, rewarding, or otherwise influencing the outcome of a decision regarding the investment of funds or the award of an investment management contract to an agent or investment manager through direct communication with a retirement system reportable person.

For information on the proper reporting format of executive agency lobbying activity, please see our December 18, 2017 blog post at For additional information, please visit the Ohio Lobbying Handbook p. 15-17 or contact the OLIG at 614-728-5100.