Joint Legislative Ethics Committee

Office of the Ohio Legislative Inspector General

The Joint Legislative Ethics Committee

The Joint Legislative Ethics Committee (JLEC) is the bipartisan ethics body that advises Ohio’s legislative branch of government on matters concerning ethics, conflicts of interest, and financial disclosure. The Office of the Legislative Inspector General (OLIG) is the Committee’s administrative office. Members and employees of the general assembly, candidates for the general assembly, and the employees of the state’s legislative agencies are within JLEC’s jurisdiction. The Committee has the authority to: issue advisory opinions; receive, investigate, and hear complaints of ethics violations; and recommend appropriate sanctions.

The Committee is comprised of twelve general assembly members—six from each chamber, with equal representation of the two major political parties. Members from the Senate are appointed by the Senate President. Members from the House of Representatives are appointed by the Speaker of the House. Each member’s appointment is for the duration of the legislative session. Chairmanship alternates each year between the Senate President and the Speaker. Collectively, the Committee appoints an Executive Director/Legislative Inspector General.

Committee Members

Speaker Jason Stephens, Vice ChairPresident Matt Huffman, Chair*
Minority Leader C. Allison Russo*Minority Leader Nickie J. Antonio
Representative Dani IsaacsohnSenator Hearcel F. Craig
Representative Dontavius L. JarrellsSenator Matt Dolan
Representative Scott OelslagerSenator Rob McColley
Representative D. J. SwearingenSenator Kent Smith
* Members of the Investigation Subcommittee