What is NOT a Reportable Expenditure for Lobbying Disclosure Purposes?

Under Ohio’s lobbying law, the following are not considered reportable expenditures:

  • Anything of value, excluding food and beverages, where the value of such item does not exceed $25.00.
  • A charitable contribution exempt from federal income taxation under subsection 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  A contribution made to a specific charity chosen by/at the request of a Member, made in the Member’s name, or made at the direction of a Member to a charity in which the Member has a fiduciary or financial interest may trigger reporting obligations.
  • Any other thing of value available to the general public on the same terms as it is available to the recipient.  (e.g. a coupon available to the public in general).
  • Any publication of a trade, industry, government, or professional association.  (Does not apply to retirement systems).
  • Compensation paid by an employer to a lobbyist.