Reporting of Executive Agency Lobbying Activity

Filers utilize the following format to report executive agency lobbying activity:

Agency (Req’d Field) – Drop down listing of all agencies, boards, and commissions.

Decision Description (Req’d Field) – A specific description of the subject matter of the decision.  Please see below for examples of decision descriptions.

Decision or Rule # – If applicable, you are encouraged to report the corresponding rule number(s) in the interest of public transparency.


Additional Examples of Activity Reporting:

Agency Description Rule
Environmental Protection Agency Primary Drinking Water standards/lead and copper rule language 3745-81
Natural Resources Secondary Containment Rule
Health Maternity License Rules
Pharmacy Board Administration of Medication by Pharmacist Injection Rules 4729-5-40
Insurance Corporate Governance Annual Disclosure 3901-3-19

The reporting of executive agency decisions in this manner helps facilitate full and complete disclosure.  As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact JLEC at 614-728-5100.