2010 Holiday Gift Guidance for Lobbyists

How do lobbyists or their clients report holiday gifts?  Any gift given to a legislator or staff member by a lobbyist or their client will be reported on the corresponding Activity & Expenditure Report for the September – December 2010 … Continue reading

Expenditures Made for the Benefit of a Member-Elect

Reporting requirements for expenditures made for the benefit of a Member-Elect can be found on HERE.

2011 Ethics Calendar

The 2011 ethics calendar is now available.

2011 Important Lobbying Dates

The 2011 lobbying calendar highlighting all important dates is now available on our homepage.

Late Filing Fee Assessments

ALL Agent and Employer Activity and Expenditure Reports for the May-August 2010 Reporting Period were due on September 30, 2010.  Beginning today, the OLIG will be mailing out fee assessments to delinquent filers.  As of October 28, 2010 there are 5 delinquent … Continue reading

OLAC-Alternate Email Addresses

Agents and Employers now have the ability to enter an alternate email address in their OLAC accounts. This will allow one additional person to receive all notification emails that the account is signed up to receive. These notifications are as … Continue reading

Ohio’s Casino Gaming Law Memo

HB 519 created the Ohio Casino Control Commission. This legislation also modified Ohio’s lobbying laws relative to lobbying the Commission and attempts to affect the outcome of the various regulations under the Commission’s jurisdiction. The memo can be found HERE.

Delinquent Filer Lists

The delinquent Agent and Employer lists for the May-August 2010 reporting period are now posted on our homepage (www.ohiolobbying.com). On October 15, 2010 all remaining delinquent filers will be sent a certified letter noting their delinquency.

May-August Filing Deadline Approaching

ALL Activity and Expenditure Reports for the May-August 2010 Reporting Period due September 30, 2010.

Expenditure Receipts

What kind of receipts or records do I need to keep regarding lobbying expenditures? Ohio law requires lobbyists or their employers, whomever makes the expenditure for the benefit of a public official, to maintain receipts of the expenditure until December … Continue reading