Reporting of Plaques & Awards

Often, organizations and entities will present Members of the General Assembly with ‘Legislator of the Year’ awards or plaques in recognition of the Member’s public service.  These types of plaques and awards are almost always valued in excess of $75 … Continue reading

Reporting Gifts from Multiple Sources

If you make a reportable expenditure in conjunction with other persons or entities, you are only required to report your proportionate share. However, you may not separate expenditures that are really a single gift to reach the conclusion that the gift … Continue reading

Lobbying Registration Threshholds

The three main triggers for lobbyist registration are: Compensation – you must receive something of value in exchange for your efforts; Direct Communication – may be either written or verbal; and Amount of compensated time lobbying –  Legislative – 5% … Continue reading

September-December 2010 Delinquent Lists Posted

The delinquent Agent and Employer lists for the September-December 2010 reporting period are now available at Certified letters noting these delinquencies will be sent out on Thursday February 10, 2011.

Upcoming Deadlines

January 31, 2011- Deadline to file 3rd Reporting Period 2010 Lobbying Activity & Expenditure Reports and Post Employment Disclosure Statements with the Joint Legislative Ethics Committee. January 31, 2011- Deadline to the renew Legislative, Executive Agency and Retirement System lobbying … Continue reading

Lobbyist Registration and Real Party in Interest

A question that often comes up during the registration process is what is a Real Party in Interest? The purpose of the Real Party in Interest is to allow Ohio residents to know on whose behalf an individual is actually … Continue reading

2010 Financial Disclosure Statement due April 15, 2011

The calendar year 2010 JLEC Financial Disclosure Statement for Members and employees of the General Assembly is available in both excel and pdf format at by clicking ‘Financial Disclosure’ under the ‘Ethics’ heading on the menu bar.  JLEC has … Continue reading

I am not showing as being registered, why?

All lobbying engagements expired in OLAC on December 31, 2010.  Lobbyists and their clients are now in the process of renewing their lobbying engagements.  In order to renew an engagement, the information must be entered into OLAC by January 31, … Continue reading

Lobbying Engagement Renewals

All lobbying engagements expired in OLAC on December 31, 2010. A lobbyist who  continues to advocate on behalf of client for which the lobbyist was registered as of 12/31/2010, must renew the lobbying engagements in OLAC by January 31, 2011. … Continue reading

Employers do NOT need to re-register lobbying engagements.

ALL lobbying engagements will expire in OLAC on December 31, 2010.  Employer’s do NOT need to re-register for the expired engagements.  It is the Employer’s responsibility to sign the signature pages that are provided by the agents.  When the Agent’s … Continue reading