Advocacy Before JobsOhio

With the passage of HB1 the nonprofit economic development corporation known as JobsOhio was created.  The legislation specified that the corporation is not a state agency for most provisions of the Revised Code that apply to public bodies.  However, the legislation modified the definition of “executive agency” found in O.R.C. §121.60 to include the new nonprofit as a state agency for the limited purposes of Ohio’s executive agency lobbying law.  The effect of this provision is that lobbyists or employers of lobbyists who seek to influence the decision makers of JobsOhio with regard to the expenditure of state funds or regulatory decisions of the body must register with and report their advocacy efforts to JLEC, as they would with any state agency.     

Questions as to whether specific contacts trigger lobbying registration or reporting should be directed to the OLIG at 614-728-5100.