Reporting Meals and Beverages Under $50

One of the more frequent expenditure questions our office gets asked involves the lobbyists’ $50 threshold for meal and beverage expenditures.  A misconception is that meals and beverages costing less than $50 need not be reported.  This is not accurate.  … Continue reading

Jan-Apr 2011 Delinquent Lobbying Lists Posted

You can now view the list of delinquent Agents and Employers for the January-April 2011 reporting period on our website (  JLEC will be sending out certified letters to those who have not filed on Friday, June 10, 2011.

The Memorial Tournament (May 30th – June 5th 2011)

As we approach the Memorial Tournament, the OLIG would like to remind lobbyists and their clients as well as Legislators and staff of the following reporting guidelines: Tickets for the Practice Rounds Monday, May 30 – Wednesday, June 1, 2011 … Continue reading

January – April Lobbying Expenditure Reports

All January – April 2011 Activity and Expenditure Reports are due May 31, 2011.  Any lobbyist or employer of lobbyist that discloses an expenditure recipient in their filing must provide written notification to the recipient at least ten days prior … Continue reading

Memorials and Flowers

Concerning the topic of flowers for a memorial service: Flowers provided for a memorial service of a legislator or their immediate family are not for the benefit of any one individual, but for all of those in attendance at the … Continue reading

Lobbying Registration and Appearances Before Executive Agencies

In what circumstances should one register as an Executive Agency Lobbyist if that person is compensated and appears before a state agency on behalf of another entity?  §121.60 of the O.R.C. defines executive agency lobbying as attempts to affect the … Continue reading

Registering as a Retirement System Lobbyist

A Retirement System lobbyist is a person who is lobbying one or all of Ohio’s five state retirement systems: Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS); State Teachers Retirement System (STRS); School Employees Retirement System (SERS); Ohio Highway Patrol Retirement System (HPRS); Ohio … Continue reading

2010 Financial Disclosure Statements

The 2010 Financial Disclosure Statement filing deadline for Members of the General Assembly, whose name will not appear on any 2011 primary election ballot for local office, and designated staff members is April 15, 2011.  A financial disclosure statement is considered to be timely filed … Continue reading

Registration Timelines

Once the percentage of compensated time threshold is met triggering lobbying registration on behalf of an entity; the following timeline must be followed for the registration process: Initial Registration Statements- The appropriate Initial Registration Statements (Executive, Legislative, Retirement) must be … Continue reading

2010 Financial Disclosure Statement Reminder

2010 Financial Disclosure Statements for Members of the General Assembly whose name will appear on any 2011 primary election ballot for local office, are due to the Ohio Legislative Inspector General’s Office not later than April 4, 2011. You can … Continue reading