Notifying Recipients for the May-August 2012 Reporting Period

Anytime the name of a recipient (public official or reportable staff)   is disclosed on an Activity and Expenditure Report, the recipient MUST be notified (in writing) at least 10 days before the report can be filed in OLAC. In order … Continue reading

May-August 2012 Reporting Deadline Reminder

On September 1st lobbyists/employers of lobbyists can begin filing their Activity and Expenditure Reports for the May-August 2012 reporting period. These reports are due by October 1st. Reminder emails will be sent on September 1st. Don’t forget: If you are … Continue reading

I have HOW MANY accounts?

As a lobbyist it is important to remember that you should only have ONE active account for logging in to the Ohio Lobbying Activity Center (OLAC). It is common to think that if you have multiple engagements, or upon separation … Continue reading

Consulting Services vs. Advocacy

Not all professional services that can be characterized as “government affairs” require lobbyist registration and disclosure of activity and expenditures.  Often a client will hire an individual who is familiar with the legislative, rulemaking, regulatory, grants/entitlements or procurement process to … Continue reading


Individuals often receive information on the latest coupon sites, invitations to join e-mail lists offering daily deals and advertisements for Internet applications that alert users to the best prices on various goods and services.  While everyone loves a good deal, … Continue reading

Advocacy at the Local Level

Individuals or entities who wish to influence matters and decisions at the local level often inquire as to whether such efforts require registering with JLEC.  They do not.  The lobbying statutes found in the Ohio Revised Code cover advocacy efforts … Continue reading

I ♥ Fair Food!

Fair Season is once again upon us and it is important to keep in mind where your tickets are coming from.  All tickets to a county or state fair have value.  While an individual ticket from a lobbying source may … Continue reading

Filing Amended Activity and Expenditure Reports

Anytime that a lobbyist or employer of a lobbyist discovers that they need to make changes to an already filed Activity and Expenditure Report, an amended report must be filed as soon as possible. Instances where amended reports need to … Continue reading

Lobbyist/Employer of Lobbyist Records Retention

OLIG’s Retention of Documents filed by Lobbyists/Employer of Lobbyists The OLIG retains all Registrations and Activity and Expenditure Reports indefinitely. Everything filed in OLAC (Registration and Activity and Expenditure Report confirmation pages) is kept in the Agent/Employer accounts, as well … Continue reading

July 4th Expenditures

Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July!  Remember that expenditures made over the holiday for the benefit of a public official or employee who files a financial disclosure statement are reportable on the May – August 2012 … Continue reading