Thinking of Inviting Legislators or Legislative Employees to an Event? Run it by JLEC!!

Contemplating holding an all-invited event? Considering inviting Members and/or staff to lunch and a tour of your facilities? Contact JLEC prior to sending out gift(s) and event invitations! A quick conversation with our office allows you to provide recipients/invitees with upfront information regarding lobbying and financial disclosure statement reporting, as determined by JLEC.

Contacting JLEC in the planning stages of an event:

  • Allows the host to focus their attention on conveying their message or building relationships without getting tripped up on prohibited expenditures or reporting pitfalls.
  • May increase attendance as more individuals become aware of not only the event but also what and how it will be reported to JLEC.
  • Allows invitees to attend the event secure in the knowledge that their reporting obligations were reviewed by JLEC.
  • Allows invitees to be confident in your organization’s proactive approach to complying with Ohio’s ethics and lobbying laws.

This office values our cooperative relationship with the lobbying community. We strive to meet our mandate to implement Ohio’s ethics and lobbying laws not only from a compliance perspective, but also as an available resource to provide guidance and advice. We are committed to assisting you in planning your event by advising you and your invitees of any corresponding reporting requirements.

You can contact our office at 614-728-5100 or by e-mail, utilizing the ‘Contact JLEC’ link available on our website