Do I Need to Register as a Lobbyist with JLEC?

You must register as a lobbyist at the state level if you meet each of the following registration requirements:

  • You receive compensation;
  • You spend at least 5% (legislative) or 25% (executive or retirement) of the time for which you are compensated by a specific client actively advocating at the state level;* and
  • The advocacy involves direct communication (either written or verbal).

Example 1: Joe Advocate spends 10% of the time he is compensated by Bledsoe’s Books contacting legislators and state agencies via e-mail, phone calls and meetings in order to advocate for or against changes to various pieces of legislation of interest to his client.

  • Joe meets all three registration requirements and must register as a legislative agent (lobbyist).

Example 2: Jane Politico spends 10% of the time she is compensated by Lockwood’s Boutique contacting state agencies regarding changes to various agency rules and/or the expenditure of state funds.

  • ¬†While Jane Politico is compensated for her advocacy efforts and is in direct contact with various state agencies, she is not spending 25% or more of the time she is compensated by Lockwood’s Boutique engaging in executive agency lobbying at the state level. She may of course voluntarily register and may need to register at a later date if her advocacy efforts increase; however, she is currently under no obligation to register as an executive agency lobbyist at the state level.

Activity that does not require registration at the state level:

  • Grassroots activity – encouraging others to call or write their legislator;
  • Ballot initiatives;
  • Responding to a request from a public official looking for information, without advocating on that issue;
  • Pro-bono or volunteer advocacy.

If you have additional questions or are wondering whether you meet the aforementioned thresholds, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 614-728-5100.

* See, The Inspector April 2006 for a discussion of registration thresholds.