Seeing Double?

The OLIG, in conjunction with the lobbying community, strives to provide legislators, lobbyists and the public with the most up-to-date and accurate information possible via Activity & Expenditure Reports.  One common reporting error occurs when a lobbyist and their employer … Continue reading

The Legislative Inspector General’s Office Welcomes Robin Hurst – Lobbying Compliance Specialist!

Please join us in welcoming Robin Hurst to the Legislative Inspector General’s Office. Robin joined our team as our Lobbying Compliance Specialist on September 16, replacing Diana Brnusak who returned to the Franklin County Clerk of Court’s Office. Robin has … Continue reading

Happy Filing Deadline!

Today is the last day to timely file Legislative, Executive Agency and Retirement System Lobbying Activity & Expenditure Reports for the May – August 2013 reporting period.  If you have any questions about reporting activity and expenditures or the filing … Continue reading

Thinking of Inviting Legislators or Legislative Employees to an Event? Run it by JLEC!!

Contemplating holding an all-invited event? Considering inviting Members and/or staff to lunch and a tour of your facilities? Contact JLEC prior to sending out gift(s) and event invitations! A quick conversation with our office allows you to provide recipients/invitees with … Continue reading

Is an Award/Plaque Subject to the Same Restrictions & Reporting Requirements as Other Gifts?

An organization or entity seeking to present a Legislator with a plaque or award for their public service must remember that these plaques/awards are subject to the same restrictions and reporting requirements as any other gift. An organization or entity … Continue reading

New Lobbying Palm Cards

The OLIG has given a face-lift to the old blue lobbying palm cards! The updated cards are available from our office upon request. If you aren’t familiar with this handy reference tool, the new gray lobbying palm card highlights Legislative … Continue reading

Welcome to Fair Season and the 160th Ohio State Fair!

Fair season is once again upon us and it is important to keep in mind where your tickets are coming from. All tickets to a county or state fair have value. While an individual ticket from a lobbying source might … Continue reading

2013 National Meeting Guidance Memorandum

Planning to attend a meeting or conference of a national organization to which the State of Ohio pays membership dues? The 2013 National Meeting Lobbying Expenditure Guidance Memorandum is now available on the OLIG’s website. If you have questions, please … Continue reading

Do I Need to Register as a Lobbyist with JLEC?

You must register as a lobbyist at the state level if you meet each of the following registration requirements: You receive compensation; You spend at least 5% (legislative) or 25% (executive or retirement) of the time for which you are … Continue reading

2013 Memorial Tournament

The 2013 Memorial Tournament is only a few weeks away. For information on badges and other expenditures associated with this event, see the OLIG memo here.