2016 U.S. Senior Open

Scioto Country Club in Upper Arlington hosts the 2016 U.S. Senior Open August 8-14, 2016.  The following guidance concerns reporting requirements for lobbyists and employers of lobbyists who provide ticket(s) to Members of the General Assembly and other reportable persons.

Where the value of the ticket(s) accepted is greater than $25.00, the recipient will be named as a gift recipient on either the lobbyist’s or the employer’s next lobbying report.  The recipient will disclose the respective source under Section 11 of his or her 2016 Financial Disclosure Statement.

A ticket provided to a spouse/family member of a Member or other reportable person is attributable to the Member or other reportable person unless the spouse/family member has an independent relationship with the ticket source.

Meals and beverages are to be reported in accordance with normal reporting requirements for such expenditures.

Members of the General Assembly and all legislative employees are prohibited from accepting more than $75.00 in gifts and meals/beverages from any one lobbyist in a calendar year.  No reporting is required where the recipient reimburses the full cost of the ticket(s) and/or meals/beverages provided.

Please contact the OLIG at 614-728-5100 with any specific reporting questions relative to the 2016 U.S. Senior Open.