Registration Renewal: Updates/Changes

On December 31, 2016 ALL LOBBYING REGISTRATIONS (Legislative, Executive, and Retirement) expire in OLAC.

JLEC routinely reviews and makes updates to section IV of the Executive Agency Registration (Categorical listing of offices of Elected Executive Officials, Departments or Executive Agencies to which the engagement relates). Please be sure to REVIEW and EDIT all sections as necessary during the renewal process.


Lobbyists can begin renewing registrations in their OLAC accounts on December 1st.*

The renewal option closes January 17, 2017. Registrations submitted after this date will require a Signature Page signed by both the lobbyist and the employer.

In order for renewed registrations to become active, the OLIG must receive the Invoice and filing fee ($25 per engagement) not later than January 31st for each 2017 engagement.

* Lobbyists should only renew engagements for entities they intend to lobby on behalf of in 2017.