Individuals often receive information on the latest coupon sites, invitations to join e-mail lists offering daily deals and advertisements for Internet applications that alert users to the best prices on various goods and services.  While everyone loves a good deal, Members and staff should be wary of discounts or deals that are specifically tailored, or are applicable, to only a select few individuals. 

Acceptable discounts:

  • Leo Legislator is a member of a credit union.  As a member of the credit union, he is eligible to receive discounts on certain products and/or services.  These discounts are considered a benefit of his membership in the credit union.  Consequently, Leo is not prohibited from accepting the discount, nor is he required to report the credit union as the source of a gift on his financial disclosure statement.
  •  Sara staff member is contemplating switching cell phone providers.  One potential carrier provides a discount to state employees.  Not only are state employees offered the discount, but also employees of other similar sized corporations/employers in the state.  Consequently, Sara staff member is not prohibited from accepting the discount from her new cell phone carrier.

Prohibited Discount:

  • Susie Staff member is offered a significantly lower interest rate on a car loan than is typically available.  The lower interest rate is not being offered as a promotion or special available to all credit worthy applicants, but is only being made available to Susie and/or members of her family due to her position as a legislative staffer.  Susie is prohibited from accepting the lower interest rate and should contact JLEC at 614-728-5100 to discuss the matter.     

 The fact patterns above are meant to serve as examples only.  For detailed questions or specific fact patterns, please contact JLEC at 614-728-5100.