Advocacy at the Local Level

Individuals or entities who wish to influence matters and decisions at the local level often inquire as to whether such efforts require registering with JLEC.  They do not.  The lobbying statutes found in the Ohio Revised Code cover advocacy efforts before:

  • the General Assembly and legislative agencies or committees;
  • state agencies, boards and commissions; or
  • one of Ohio’s five public pension systems.

Appearances before city councils, county commissioners, zoning boards, school boards, state institutions of higher education and other local political subdivisions do not require registration or disclosure of activity and expenditures to JLEC, but may be required under local ordinances.  Individuals who appear before public offices at the local level should check with the City or County Attorney’s Office or Clerk’s Office to determine what disclosure requirements exist.

The following three public offices do require lobbying registration and possibly other disclosures. Other jurisdictions may as well.  Links are provided for reference only and should not be relied upon as legal advice.

City of Cincinnati Lobbying Information

Cuyahoga County Lobbying Information

City of Columbus