Filing Amended Activity and Expenditure Reports

Anytime that a lobbyist or employer of a lobbyist discovers that they need to make changes to an already filed Activity and Expenditure Report, an amended report must be filed as soon as possible.

Instances where amended reports need to be filed:

–        Removing recipients who have reimbursed for gifts, meals/beverages.

–        Adding recipients who have received a gift, meal/beverage that were omitted in the original filing.

–        Adding or removing legislation, executive/retirement system decisions.

–        Adding an all-invited function that was omitted in the original filing; editing the date, description or amount of the event.

–        The OLIG identifies omissions or discrepancies in Activity and Expenditure Reports.

To file an amended Activity and Expenditure Report, go to the originally filed report and click the ‘File Amended’ link. This will bring up all previously filed information; edit accordingly and re-file the Activity and Expenditure Report.

Note: If amending to add a recipient of a gift, meal or beverage the recipient must be notified in writing that they are being disclosed at least 10 days before the amended report is filed.