Lobbyist/Employer of Lobbyist Records Retention

OLIG’s Retention of Documents filed by Lobbyists/Employer of Lobbyists

The OLIG retains all Registrations and Activity and Expenditure Reports indefinitely. Everything filed in OLAC (Registration and Activity and Expenditure Report confirmation pages) is kept in the Agent/Employer accounts, as well as in OLAC Public Access. Reports filed prior to 2009 are also kept indefinitely as scanned documents on our website.

How long do Lobbyists/Employers have to retain copies of receipts for expenditures provided to public officials?

Ohio law requires lobbyists/employers to maintain receipts of all expenditures provided to public officials until December 31st of the second calendar year following the year in which the expenditure is made.


On July 1, 2012, a lobbyist provides a $55 dinner to a legislator. The lobbyist will report the expenditure on his/her May-August 2012 Activity and Expenditure Report and keep receipts or records detailing the expenditure until December 31, 2014.

On September 1, 2012, an employer of a lobbyist provides a “Legislator of the Year” plaque to a legislator valued at $125.00. The employer will report the plaque on its September – December 2012 Activity and Expenditure Report and maintain receipts or records of the expenditure until December 31, 2014.