Reminder: That award may be a reportable lobbying expenditure!

If the entity presenting the award/plaque is the employer of a lobbyist, and the value of the award/plaque is greater than $25, it must be disclosed on the organization’s corresponding Activity & Expenditure Report (AER) and is subject to the non-disputed notice requirement.  The recipient Member will also disclose the plaque on his or her Financial Disclosure Statement under Section 11: Non-disputed Information.

If the organization is not the employer of a lobbyist, but the value of the award is greater than $75, the Member must disclose the organization or entity as the source of a gift on his or her Financial Disclosure Statement under Section 9: Gifts.

Please note, should the recipient Member reimburse for the total cost of the award/plaque prior to the organization filing the AER, the award need not be disclosed on the corresponding lobbying report.  However, agents and employers are reminded Ohio law requires lobbyists or their employers, whomever makes the expenditure for the benefit of the public official, to maintain receipts of the expenditure until December 31st of the second calendar year following the year in which the expenditure is made.

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