While lobbying engagements expire by statute (legislative expires at the end of each general assembly session whereas executive and retirement expire annually) there are times when either a lobbyist or their client (employer) may need to terminate an engagement prior to that date.

When the lobbyist and/or employer ends the lobbying relationship, the lobbyist or the employer must terminate the engagement in OLAC within 30 calendar days.  When an engagement is terminated, the corresponding Activity & Expenditure Reports must still be filed if the lobbyist was active for any portion of the reporting period.

Lobbyists may file their activity and expenditure reports immediately upon termination. Employers who terminate all lobbyists may file an Activity & Expenditure Report at the time of the termination.  If the employer still has lobbyists registered, the employer and remaining lobbyists will continue to file their reports as usual.

If you have questions regarding terminations specifically or lobbying in general, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 614-728-5100.