“Invited” is not the same as “will not kick you out”

Recently, JLEC staff learned of lobbyists and employers treating receptions and football tailgates as “all invited” events for lobbying expenditure reporting purposes even though few legislators are invited to attend. The rationale offered is while only a few House or Senate members were actually invited, the host would, “not kick out” any legislator who randomly shows up. Therefore, it is an “all invited” event.

ORC 101.73 and JLEC Advisory Opinion 97-003 use the words “has invited” and “have been invited” relative to the “all invited” reporting option. To qualify for the simplified reporting provided for “all invited” receptions and similar meal and beverage events, the host/sponsor must affirmatively invite all members of the General Assembly or all members of the House or Senate. For more information about “all invited” events please see the Ohio Lobbying Handbook at pages 18, 42 and 54.