Post Employment Disclosure Statement – R.C. 102.021

All state elected officials and employees who filed a financial disclosure statement and are leaving state service¹ must file a Post Employment Disclosure Statement (PED) with the OLIG². This requirement is NOT applicable to board and commission members.

An initial PED filer will disclose whether they will receive income from a qualifying source. A qualifying source is any of the following:

1. An executive agency lobbyist or a legislative agent;
2. An employer of an executive agency lobbyist or legislative agent that is not a state agency or political subdivision;
3. Any entity that, during the two immediately preceding years, was awarded (or bid on) contract(s) from a state agency/agencies worth an aggregate value of at least $100,000.

Those who receive income from a qualifying source are required to periodically submit Updated PED Statements to the OLIG.

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¹ Please note, for Post Employment Disclosure purposes employment at a public university is not considered state service.

² Statement is to be provided by the agency from which the employee is departing.