Post Employment Disclosure

For 24 months after leaving public service, Ohio law requires all state elected officials and employees who filed a financial disclosure statement to disclose their subsequent place of employment to the OLIG.  This disclosure is commonly referred to as post employment disclosure (PED).


Persons subject to PED fall into two categories: those who receive income from a “Qualifying Source,” and those who do not.  A Qualifying Source is any of the following:

    1. An executive agency lobbyist or a legislative agent (look up here);
    2. An employer of an executive agency lobbyist or legislative agent that is not a state agency or political subdivision (look up here);
    3. Any entity that, during the two immediately preceding years, was awarded contract(s) from a state agency/agencies worth an aggregate value of at least $100,000.00 (look up here).

Those who receive income from a Qualifying Source are required to periodically submit Updated PED Statements to the OLIG.