September – December 2013 Delinquent Activity and Expenditure Reports

Delinquent emails have been sent to all lobbyists and employers who have not filed their September-December 2013 Activity and Expenditure Reports. A list of all delinquent lobbyists and employers has been posted to As of this post only 24 … Continue reading

Last Chance to Renew for 2014!

Please be aware, the streamlined process for renewing your executive agency and retirement system lobbying engagements ends at midnight tomorrow! Registrations entered after January 31, 2014, will require a Signature Page signed by both the lobbyist and the employer along … Continue reading

10 Day Notification Reminder!

Anytime the name of a recipient (public official or reportable staff) is disclosed on an Activity and Expenditure Report, the recipient MUST be notified (in writing) at least 10 days before the report can be filed in OLAC. The OLIG … Continue reading

Lobbying Registration Renewals

On December 31, 2013 ALL EXECUTIVE AGENCY LOBBYING* AND RETIREMENT SYSTEM LOBBYING ENGAGEMENTS will expire in OLAC. Legislative lobbying engagements do not expire until the end of 2014. JLEC routinely reviews and makes updates to section IV in the Executive … Continue reading

December 16, 2013 CLE

The Office of the Legislative Inspector General is sponsoring the Jurisdiction & Enforcement Roles of Ohio’s Ethics Offices CLE on December 16, 2013.  You can view the brochure and register to attend here.  Hope to see you there!

Happy Holidays!

As we near the Holiday season, please keep in mind the following tips and guidance: Holiday gifts of $25.00 or more provided to legislators/staff by lobbyists or their employers are reported on Activity & Expenditure Reports.  If a financial disclosure … Continue reading

Reminder: Contingency Fees Prohibited!

Generally, lobbyists are prohibited from receiving compensation based on the outcome of legislation, decisions regarding state funds by executive agencies and decisions regarding the placement of funds by one of the five state retirement systems. A lobbyist’s compensation cannot be … Continue reading

Seeing Double?

The OLIG, in conjunction with the lobbying community, strives to provide legislators, lobbyists and the public with the most up-to-date and accurate information possible via Activity & Expenditure Reports.  One common reporting error occurs when a lobbyist and their employer … Continue reading

The Legislative Inspector General’s Office Welcomes Robin Hurst – Lobbying Compliance Specialist!

Please join us in welcoming Robin Hurst to the Legislative Inspector General’s Office. Robin joined our team as our Lobbying Compliance Specialist on September 16, replacing Diana Brnusak who returned to the Franklin County Clerk of Court’s Office. Robin has … Continue reading

Happy Filing Deadline!

Today is the last day to timely file Legislative, Executive Agency and Retirement System Lobbying Activity & Expenditure Reports for the May – August 2013 reporting period.  If you have any questions about reporting activity and expenditures or the filing … Continue reading