Renewal Registration is OPEN!

On December 31, 2014, ALL LOBBYING ENGAGEMENTS (Legislative, Executive, and Retirement) expire in OLAC.

Starting today (December 15th) lobbyists may renew engagements in their OLAC accounts.  Lobbyists should only renew engagements for entities they intend to lobby on behalf of in 2015.  Renewals do not require an employer signature.  All renewed engagements must be submitted in OLAC by January 31, 2015.

Registrations filed after January 31, 2015, will require a Signature Page signed by both the lobbyist and the employer.

In order for renewed engagements to become active, an Invoice and filing fee ($25 per engagement) must be received by the OLIG for each 2015 engagement.  Invoices and filing fees are due February 10, 2015.  To generate the invoice, click on the ‘Print Invoice’ button located at the top of each registration confirmation page.

The 2015 lobbying calendar is now available.