Welcome to Fair Season and the 161st Ohio State Fair!

Fair season is once again upon us and it is important to keep in mind where your fair passes are coming from. A pass to a county or to the Ohio State Fair is a thing of value. While an … Continue reading

2014 National Conference Guidance

Looking for guidance concerning attendance at meetings of national organizations to which Ohio pays membership dues? You’re in luck.  The 2014 National Conference Guidance is now available.

January – April 2014 Delinquent Filers Published

January-April 2014 Activity & Expenditure Reports were due June 2, 2014. You can view the list of filers that are currently delinquent:               AGENTS                        EMPLOYERS

JLEC Issues Formal Advisory Opinions

Pursuant to R.C. 102.08, the Joint Legislative Ethics Committee (“JLEC”) has authority to issue Advisory Opinions regarding issues relating to ethics, conflicts of interest, and financial disclosure under R.C. Chapter 102, and Sections 2921.42 and 2921.43. Where JLEC issues a … Continue reading

JLEC Lobbying Expenditure Workshop – June 23, 2014.

Please join JLEC for a 1 hour lobbying expenditure workshop.  Topics to be covered include: Distinctions Between Legislative & Executive Lobbying Under Ohio Law. Lobbyist Activity & Expenditures vs. Employer Activity & Expenditures. Gift Recipients: Who Is Reportable? Legislative Expenditure … Continue reading

2014 PGA Memorial Tournament Lobbying And FDS Reporting Guidance

In years past, the OLIG issued annual guidance relative to lobbying and financial disclosure reporting of Memorial Tournament admission badges (tickets).  To facilitate accurate and uniform reporting, former guidance would ascertain a standardized daily ticket value based on information provided … Continue reading

January – April 2014 Filing Deadline Reminder

It’s that time again! Lobbying Activity & Expenditure Reports and Updated PED Statements for January – April 2014 are now accessible. Lobbying reports are to be filed in OLAC.  PED Statements are to be mailed to JLEC. All reports are due … Continue reading

Former Ohio lobbyist guilty of filing false expenditure statements

On March 19, 2014, former lobbyist John Rabenold plead guilty to filing two false lobbying reports in regard to his failing to disclose, in part, expenditures he made relating to a December 6, 2009, event at a Cincinnati Bengals game. … Continue reading

Confirm Your Lobbying Registration Is Complete

On 02/28/2014 the Office of the Legislative Inspector General is mandated to distribute to public offices a list of registered lobbyists and their employers. To ensure that your registration for a particular client is included, please check your registration status … Continue reading

Reminder: JCARR Activity Reported on Legislative Activity & Expenditure Reports

Lobbyists and their Employers report JCARR activity in the field labeled “JCARR” on their Legislative Activity & Expenditure Reports (AERs) in OLAC.  For example, if Liam Lobbyist spoke with JCARR staff and/or Members of JCARR outside of the public hearing … Continue reading