Joint Legislative Ethics Committee

Office of the Ohio Legislative Inspector General

Financial Disclosure

Current members and designated employees of the Ohio General Assembly, former members and designated employees who served at any point in 2023, and designated employees of the state’s legislative agencies file a FDS with JLEC. Candidates seeking election to the Ohio House or Ohio Senate in 2024 must file a calendar year 2023 FDS no later than thirty days prior to the first election at which their name will appear on the ballot. For March 19, 2024 Primary Election Candidates, the deadline is February 20, 2024.  A FDS requires filers to disclose information regarding their personal finances and fiduciary relationships for the previous year.  Financial disclosure statements assist members, employees, and the public to identify and avoid potential conflicts of interest.  The 2023 Financial Disclosure Statement will be accessible January 1, 2024.

Benefits of Electronic Filing

Electronic filing reduces errors, makes the completion of your future filings much easier, and provides:

  • Assurance that you have completed all necessary sections.
  • Immediate receipt showing that your statement is filed.
  • Print, view, or save a time-stamped copy of your completed statement.
  • In subsequent years, your financial disclosure statement is pre-populated with information from the immediately prior year’s electronic statement. You will only need to update your statement before filing.
  • Payment of filing fees can be made via credit card.

The financial disclosure requirement is separate from the requirement to file campaign finance reports. Questions regarding campaign finance should be directed to the Ohio Secretary of State.  Filed campaign finance reports may be searched through the Secretary of State’s website: here.

Adobe Reader is required to access JLEC’s financial disclosure statements.