Financial Disclosure

The 2017 Financial Disclosure Statement (FDS) to be filed in 2018 may not be filed prior to January 1, 2018.  All members and designated employees of the Ohio General Assembly, candidates for the Ohio General Assembly, and designated employees of the state’s legislative agencies annually file a FDS with JLEC.  A FDS requires filers to disclose information regarding their personal finances and fiduciary relationships for the previous year.  Financial disclosure statements assist members, employees, and the public to identify and avoid potential conflicts of interest.

The financial disclosure requirement is separate from a candidate’s requirement to file campaign finance reports. Questions regarding campaign finance should be directed to the Ohio Secretary of State.  Filed campaign finance reports may be searched through the Secretary of State’s website: here.

Local, county or state public officials and employees who were not a member or employee of the General Assembly during the preceding calendar year and who are not currently candidates for the General Assembly may file a FDS with the Ohio Ethics Commission.

Adobe Reader is required to access JLEC’s financial disclosure statements.