Joint Legislative Ethics Committee

Office of the Ohio Legislative Inspector General

Current Legislative FDS Filers

All current members of the Ohio General Assembly are required to file a Financial Disclosure Statement with JLEC. In addition to members, the following legislative staff positions file statements with JLEC:

Senate Staff Filers:

Position Filer Previous Position Holder
Chief of Staff Barron, John  
Deputy Chief of Staff Connolly, Liz  
Maj. Dir of Budget & Finance DiRossi, Ray  
Maj. Deputy Dir of Finance Reedy, David  
Maj. Dir of Communications & Constituent Services Fortney, John  
Maj. Chief Legal Counsel Oyster, Matthew Strigari, Frank
Maj. Dep. Legal Counsel Cox, William  
Senate Clerk Keeran, Vincent  
Min. Chief of Staff Moran, Monica Rowe, Mike
Min. Deputy Chief of Staff Boas, George  
Min. Dir of Policy Herhold, Terese  
Min. Dir of Budget & Finance Wilkerson, Kayla  
Min. Dir of Communication Rife, Casey  
Min. Legal Counsel Stockman, Scott  
Min. Dep. Legal Counsel/Policy Advisor Petrosky, Natalie Marshall, Sarah

House Staff Filers:

Position Filer Previous Position Holder
Maj. Chief of Staff Colvin, Brittney  
Senior Advisor to the Speaker Fitzmartin, Megan  
Maj. Policy Director Babcock, Devin    
Maj. Director of Finance Baker, Dan    
Maj. Chief Legal Counsel Stanek, Kevin  
Maj. Dep. Chief Legal Counsel/
Maj. Policy Advisor
Blessing, Heather  
Maj. Sr. Dep. Legal Counsel McGuire, Mike  
Maj. Director of Strategic Communications Melton, Pat  
House Chief Administrative Officer Hartman, Kimberly Zianno  
House Clerk Young, Brad  
Min. Chief of Staff Plottner, Jordan  
Min. Dep Chief of Staff Dipalma, Andy  
Min. Legal Counsel Ingles, Sarah Cherry, Sarah
Min. Dep. Legal Counsel Peters, Cindy  
Min. Dir of Finance Harris, Stephen  
Min. Dir of Policy Muccio, Nick  
Min. Dir of Communication Meyers, David  

Legislative Staff Filers:

Position Filer Previous Position Holder
Exec Dir of LSC Zhan, Wendy  
Dir, Legislative Budget Office of LSC Carter, Melaney  
Dir, Office of Research and Drafting of LSC Kelly, Jim  
Exec Dir of JLEC Bledsoe, Tony  
General Counsel of JLEC Lockwood, Jennifer  
Lobbying Compliance Coordinator of JLEC Hastings, Jason  
Exec Dir of JCARR Dollenmayer, Ian  
Dep Dir of JCARR Fouche, Greg  
Dir of LIS McDowell, Kurt  
Exec Dir of JMOC Brady, Jada  
Exec Dir of CIIC Albanese, Chris  

Capitol Square Review & Advisory Board Staff Filers:

Position Filer Previous Position Holder
Exec Dir of CSRAB Battocletti, Laura  
Chief Legal Counsel of CSRAB Buzzard, Alison  
Asst Dir of Operations Miller, Phil  
Asst Dir Finance & Human Resources