Office of the Legislative Inspector General Welcomes Diana Brnusak- Lobbying Compliance Specialist

The OLIG is excited to announce that Diana Brnusak joined our team as a Lobbying Compliance Specialist on January 23, 2013. Diana brings to the position a wealth of experience in coordinating electronically filed documents and training others on how to use an electronic filing system.  As a Franklin County Court of Common Pleas bailiff,  Diana not only served as an executive assistant to the presiding judge, but was responsible for managing a docket that included over 800 civil and criminal cases at any one time; while also effectively explaining to attorneys and the public the court’s new electronic filing system. In addition to her service as a bailiff, Diana also served as a legal secretary and worked in the Franklin County Clerk of Court’s Office; roles that require a strong emphasis on customer service. Diana’s professional background combined with her paralegal training have prepared her for the tasks ahead as she works with Ohio’s lobbying community in furthering compliance and public disclosure.