Joint Legislative Ethics Committee

Office of the Ohio Legislative Inspector General


It’s Not Just Expenditures!

The obligation to report legislative, executive and retirement system activity on corresponding Activity & Expenditure Reports is equally important as the obligation to report expenditures made for the benefit of reportable individuals.

“Legislative lobbying activity” is any matter pending before the General Assembly including bills, resolutions, amendments, nominations, JCARR and controlling board decisions as well as the executive approval or veto of any bill acted upon by the General Assembly. See p. 15 of the Ohio Lobbying Handbook.

“Executive Agency lobbying activity” is a regulatory decision with broad/universal application including rules, bulletins, directives, and policy statements as well as decisions regarding the expenditure of state funds or the awarding of any contract, grant, lease, or other financial arrangement. See p. 16 of the Ohio Lobbying Handbook.

“Retirement System lobbying activity” includes the investment of funds or the awarding of an investment management contract. See p. 17 of the Ohio Lobbying Handbook.

Lobbying activity includes promoting, opposing, or influencing these decisions.

For more information, please see the Ohio Lobbying Handbook or contact JLEC at 614-728-5100.