I have HOW MANY accounts?

As a lobbyist it is important to remember that you should only have ONE active account for logging in to the Ohio Lobbying Activity Center (OLAC). It is common to think that if you have multiple engagements, or upon separation from an employer/position, that you create a new account to register to lobby for another employer. This is incorrect.

A lobbyist should ALWAYS use the same account. No matter where you are employed you will carry your login and password with you. This account is your access to OLAC. Whether you have one employer or a hundred they will all be listed in this one account. Think of it as your lobbying history. These documents are forever associated with you and are always available via OLAC.

If you are having trouble logging in to your account, please do not simply create a new one. JLEC can assist you in retrieving your login information.

Should you create a new account in error or currently have more than one account please contact us at (614)728-5100, so we can work with you to remove unnecessary accounts.