Memorials and Flowers

Concerning the topic of flowers for a memorial service:

Flowers provided for a memorial service of a legislator or their immediate family are not for the benefit of any one individual, but for all of those in attendance at the service. The expenditure for the thing of value (flowers) is unlikely to be of an amount that exceeds more than $25 per individual in attendance. Therefore, the flower expenditure is not a reportable expenditure for lobbying purposes. Nor is there a requirement that a public official disclose the memorial service flowers or source of flowers on his or her financial disclosure statement. It is recommended that the receipt for the flower purchase be maintained for the current calendar year and following two years if the source of the flowers is a lobbyist or lobbying organization.

Scholarships or In Memoriam Funds:

Contributions to a non-profit entity in the name of a deceased legislator or a deceased immediate family member of a legislator may or may not be reportable as a gift to the legislator. One of the determining factors is whether a legislator or the immediate family of a legislator retains and exercises control over the funds. Where a legislator retains control over funds made in the name of a deceased family member, the legislator has received a gift. The gift must be reported by the contributor, if they are a registered lobbyist or the employer of a lobbyist and the contribution is over $25.00. The gift may also be reportable by the legislator on their financial disclosure statement, if the contribution is over $75.00. Keep in mind that legislators are prohibited from accepting more than $75.00 in value in gifts from a registered lobbyist.