Holiday Reminder From JLEC

A Holiday Poem from JLEC

‘Tis the season for food, gifts and good cheer;
but show caution lest law enforcement be drawn near.
Gifts may be taken from family and friends,
but beware the limits or you won’t meet good ends.

From a legislative agent, the gift max is $75 for the year;
if you follow JLEC guidelines you’ll be in the clear.
A gift over $25 triggers lobbying reporting,
this remains true even if you are courting.

The lobbyist food and drink max for the year is $75 too;
during the holidays this still holds true.
So keep this in mind during the holiday party,
and at these soirees try to eat & drink a little less hearty.

If the all invited exception applies that’s great;
but make sure it qualifies, don’t make a mistake.
All legislators must be invited from both or one chamber,
otherwise standard limits & reporting are subject to the remainder.

Fruit baskets and cookie trays may be dropped off to an office;
but legislators and staff must remain cautious.
Don’t take these home or convert to personal use,
else these gifts may be attributable solely to you, silly goose!

Eating green bean casserole is an Ohio holiday tradition;
but personal travel from a lobbyist can lead to a deposition.
So drive your own sleigh home for the holidays,
or reimburse the lobbyist within seven calendar days.

If you marry a lobbyist, reporting & limit exceptions kick in;
you can always accept gifts from your kin.
But if the meal or gift is expensed back to a lobbying source,
all the same limits and rules apply, of course!

Campaign funds may be used to purchase gifts for
staff; Just remember… don’t make it a gift of cash.
The holidays, as always, bring fun and good cheer,
but expenditure limits are in play the whole year!

The 2020 Holiday Gift Guidance is now available.