Why is the 10 day non-disputed notice important?

Ohio law requires a lobbyist or employer who makes an itemized expenditure (where the recipient’s name is disclosed) to provide non-disputed notice to the recipient at least 10 days prior to filing the corresponding activity & expenditure report. 

The non-disputed notice must be in writing and provide:

  1. the date of the expenditure,
  2. the amount of the expenditure, and
  3. a description of the expenditure.

A non-disputed notice alerts the recipient of the reportable expenditure and allows the individual to dispute, or reimburse the lobbyist/employer for, the expenditure.

  • Non-disputed notice must be provided on or after the date at which the expenditure was made (not before). 
  • The original invitation to attend an event does not qualify as non-disputed notice. 
  • If the recipient notifies the agent/employer they will not reimburse, the agent/employer must still wait 10 days from the date non-disputed notice was provided before filing the corresponding activity & expenditure report.
  • Alternatively, should all recipients choose to reimburse, the agent/employer may file the corresponding activity & expenditure report upon receipt of the reimbursement(s). 
    • e.g. the agent/employer need not wait until day 10 to file if reimbursement for all itemized expenditures was received within 5 days.
  • If a non-disputed notice is not provided at least 10 days prior to the filing deadline, the agent/employer may contact JLEC to advise they will file a late report.  An agent/employer may not file an incorrect/incomplete report to avoid filing after the deadline.
  • A model non-disputed notice form is available at http://www.jlec-olig.state.oh.us/?page_id=4.

Questions?  Contact JLEC at 614-728-5100.