All-Invited Receptions:

An all-invited event is a reception, party or dinner to which all members of the general assembly, or all members of either chamber of the general assembly, are invited to attend. An event need not be exclusive to general assembly members to be considered an All-Invited Event. (See Ohio Lobbying Handbook p. 18)

When individuals other than legislative reportable persons attend an all-invited event, only the amount of the meal/beverages attributable to legislative reportable persons need be disclosed, if the agent keeps records to substantiate per person cost.  Remember, an all-invited event refers to meals and beverages only.  If there is an entrance fee to attend the event (e.g. a concert ticket or museum fee), it is NOT an all-invited for lobbying reporting purposes.  These are gift expenditures that must be itemized should the value of the gift exceed $25.00.

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