All-Invited Event Reminders

·         All Members of the general assembly or all members of either chamber (House or Senate) must be invited to qualify as an all-invited event for reporting purposes.  Inviting a regional delegation does not qualify.  However, the event need not be exclusive to general assembly members to be considered an all-invited event. 

·         Where individuals other than legislative reportable persons attend an all-invited event, only the amount of the meal/beverages attributable to legislative reportable persons need be disclosed, if the agent keeps records to substantiate per person cost.

·         Meals and Beverages only – a lobbyist/employer cannot give a book, complimentary entrance to a museum, or a sporting event ticket to everyone in the General Assembly and report as an all-invited event.  If there is an entrance fee to attend the event, it is NOT an all-invited for lobbying reporting purposes.  These are gift expenditures that must be itemized should the value of the gift exceed $25. 

For more information on all-invited events, please see p.53-54 of the Ohio Lobbying Handbook or contact JLEC at 614-728-5100.