Reporting Meals & Beverages

When a lobbyist purchases meals, food or beverages for a reportable individual, Ohio law requires disclosure of certain details, including date, recipient, description and amount. For example, a lobbyist who entertains two legislators at dinner, must track what each legislator consumed and report the corresponding amount. If Legislator Leo ordered a salad and water while Legislator Lucy ordered a filet and wine, the lobbyist may not attribute the cost evenly between the two. The lobbyist must attribute the cost of the salad and water to Legislator Leo and the cost of the filet and wine to Legislator Lucy.

Please note, the above example is not applicable relative to all-invited receptions or other catered events where lobbyists/employers may continue to utilize a per person cost for reporting purposes in lieu of following each attendee around during the event to track individual consumption of food and beverages.

As a reminder, lobbyists and employers are required to maintain records/receipts of all lobbying expenditures until December 31st of the second calendar year after the year in which the expenditure was made.

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