Joint Legislative Ethics Committee

Office of the Ohio Legislative Inspector General


2012 Executive Agency & Retirement System engagements

All executive agency/retirement system registrations expired in OLAC on December 31, 2011. For individuals registered as executive agency/retirement system lobbyists- please go to our public site for a list of your current registrations. Only renewals that JLEC has received invoices and filing fees for will show on the website.

A link to the list of all registered lobbyists will be distributed to the General Assembly, Executive Agencies and state Retirement Systems on February 29, 2012. We cannot guarantee that your engagements will be included on the list if we did not receive your 2012 renewal invoices and feesĀ  by February 21st . Beginning today (February 22nd), any renewal invoices and renewal filing fees submitted to JLEC must be accompanied by a written explanation as to the reason(s) the renewal invoice and filing fee was not submitted by the February 21st deadline.