Tickets to Political Fundraisers: AER & FDS Implications

As November fast approaches, JLEC reminds the lobbying community and Members and staff of the General Assembly that a ticket to a political fundraiser is a gift unless provided directly by the candidate or the campaign committee for whom the fundraiser is being held.  (See R.C. 102.02(A)(7)).

As such, any lobbyist or employer who provides a financial disclosure statement filer with a political fundraiser ticket (exceeding $25 in value) will report the individual as the recipient of a gift on their corresponding Activity & Expenditure Report.  Ticket recipients who file a financial  disclosure statement may be required to report the ticket on their 2014 FDS.

Lobbyists are prohibited from providing more than $75 in gifts (including tickets to political fundraisers), aggregated per calendar year, to Members and employees of the General Assembly.

Have a question?  Need more information?  Please see 2000 JLEC Advisory Op. No. 2000-002 and/or contact JLEC at 614-728-5100!