Expenditures Made for the Benefit of Spouses or Other Immediate Family Members

In many instances, lobbyists or their employers must report the value of gifts or meals and beverages provided to the spouse, or other immediate family member, of a legislator or staff person who files a financial disclosure statement. Additionally, the … Continue reading

OLIG 2012 Ethics Calendar

The 2012 Ethics Calendar is now available at  If you have questions, please contact the Office of the Legislative Inspector General at 614-728-5100.

2011 Financial Disclosure Statement

The 2011 Financial Disclosure Statement to be filed by all Members, selected employees of, and candidates for the General Assembly is now available at  The 2011 Financial Disclosure Statement is available in both (.pdf) and an interactive version (.xls).  … Continue reading

2011 Holiday Guidance

As we approach the holidays, the following provides some general guidance regarding the distribution and reporting of gifts.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the OLIG at 614-728-5100. How should cookie trays, popcorn tins and fruit baskets be handled? If … Continue reading

CLE: Lobbying Compliance & Reporting

The Legislative Inspector General’s Office is sponsoring the CLE: Lobbying Compliance and Reporting on Thursday, November 10, 2011.  Registration begins at 12:30pm.  Consequently, the office will be closed from approximately 12:30 – 3:30 pm tomorrow.  We look forward to seeing you … Continue reading

CLE: Lobbying Compliance and Reporting

The OLIG is sponsoring the following CLE: Lobbying Compliance and Reporting Thursday November 10, 2011 – 1:00 PM – 3:15 PM Neil Schultz Conference Center Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Building 30 West Spring Street Columbus, OH 43215 For more information … Continue reading

Guidelines When Traveling With A Lobbyist

Members and employees are prohibited from accepting travel expenses from a legislative agent.  Travel is defined as lodging and transportation of more than 50 miles one way by bus, train, boat, plane, or automobile.  Remember: A legislative agent who is … Continue reading

Lobbying Disclosure Deadine

All May – August 2011 Activity and Expenditure Reports are due September 30, 2011.  Any lobbyist or employer of lobbyist that discloses an expenditure recipient in their filing must provide written notification to the recipient at least ten days prior to … Continue reading

National Conference Memorandum

Click here to view the 2011 National Conference Memorandum.

The Memorial Tournament (May 30th – June 5th 2011)

As we approach the Memorial Tournament, the OLIG would like to remind lobbyists and their clients as well as Legislators and staff of the following reporting guidelines: Tickets for the Practice Rounds Monday, May 30 – Wednesday, June 1, 2011 … Continue reading