May-August Filing Deadline Approaching

ALL Activity and Expenditure Reports for the May-August 2010 Reporting Period due September 30, 2010.

Expenditure Receipts

What kind of receipts or records do I need to keep regarding lobbying expenditures? Ohio law requires lobbyists or their employers, whomever makes the expenditure for the benefit of a public official, to maintain receipts of the expenditure until December … Continue reading

Lobbying Agent vs Employer Expenditures

What is the difference between agent and employer expenditures? Expenditures should be reported as either an Agent expenditure or an Employer expenditure on the activity and expenditure reports. When determining whether an expenditure should be reported as an agent expense … Continue reading

2010 National Meeting Exception

This link will take you to the .pdf image of the memo on expenditures incurred at a meeting of a national organization to which any state agency pays dues.

Financial Transactions Defined

Basically, a Financial Transaction is defined as a joint business venture or the co–ownership of property between: A lobbyist and a public official; The employer of a lobbyist and a public official; The immediate family (parent, child, sibling, or spouse) … Continue reading

Contingency Fees Prohibited

Ohio’s Lobbying Laws generally prohibit compensation arrangements based on the outcome of : legislation, decisions regarding the expenditure of state funds by executive agencies, or decisions regarding the placement of state funds by one of the five public retirement systems. … Continue reading


Welcome to the Ohio Office of the Legislative Inspector General’s blog. This site will be used for providing news and information regarding lobbying in Ohio as well as various aspects of Ohio’s ethics laws as they pertain to financial disclosure … Continue reading