2016 National Political Party Nominating Conventions

Members of the Ohio General Assembly, legislative staff, statewide public officials, and executive agency staff may be in attendance at the presidential nominating convention for their respective political parties later this summer.  Ohio lobbyists and their employers may also be … Continue reading

Lobbying Registration Renewals

On December 31, 2015 ALL EXECUTIVE AGENCY* AND RETIREMENT SYSTEM LOBBYING ENGAGEMENTS expire in OLAC. Legislative lobbying engagements do not expire until the end of 2016. JLEC routinely reviews and makes updates to section IV in the Executive Agency Registration … Continue reading

Happy Holidays

The Holiday season is fast approaching. Remember, JLEC is available to answer questions regarding holiday gifts, receptions, or the giving of various cookies, fruit baskets, and other assorted treats. Please remember the following tips and guidance as you proceed through … Continue reading

May-August 2015 Delinquent Filers Published

May-August 2015 Activity & Expenditure Reports were due September 30, 2015. You can view the list of filers that are currently delinquent:              AGENTS                        EMPLOYERS

10 Day Notice Requirement

The deadline to file May – August 2015 Activity & Expenditure Reports is September 30, 2015.  Please remember, anytime a reportable individual is disclosed on an Activity & Expenditure Report, the recipient must be notified of the disclosure in writing … Continue reading

Still Representing that Client/Employer? Terminating An Engagement

Is a contract with a client ending? Are you leaving your current employer for a new position? Did your lobbying activity cease? The Office of the Legislative Inspector General must be notified within 30 days of any termination of lobbying … Continue reading

Welcome to Fair Season and the 162nd Ohio State Fair!

Fair season is once again upon us and it is important to keep in mind where your fair passes are coming from. A pass to a county or to the Ohio State Fair is a thing of value. While an … Continue reading

2015 National Conference Guidance

Looking for guidance concerning attendance at meetings of national organizations to which Ohio pays membership dues? You’re in luck.  The 2015 National Conference Guidance is now available.

January-April 2015 Delinquent Filers Published

January-April 2015 Activity & Expenditure Reports were due June 2, 2015. You can view the list of filers that are currently delinquent:              AGENTS                        EMPLOYERS

AER Filing Deadline Extended

The LeVeque Tower (where JLEC is located) had a major power issue this afternoon (6/1/2015).  The complete loss of power to our building and servers caused the Ohio Lobbying Activity Center (OLAC) to be unavailable from approximately 1:50pm to 9:15pm … Continue reading