Holiday Gift Guidance Has Arrived

The Holiday season is upon us. Remember, JLEC is available to answer questions regarding holiday gifts, receptions, or the giving of various cookies, fruit baskets, and other assorted treats. The 2017 Holiday Gift Guidance is now available.

Filing A False Report

Lobbyists and employers are prohibited by law from knowingly filing a false Initial Registration Statement or Activity & Expenditure Report.  If a lobbyist or employer discovers an unknowing omission of lobbying activity or an expenditure on a filed Activity & … Continue reading

May-August 2017 Delinquent Filers Published

May-August 2017 Activity & Expenditure Reports were due October 2, 2017. You can view the list of filers who are currently delinquent: AGENTS                        EMPLOYERS

Updating Contact Information

Lobbyists and employers of lobbyists are required to maintain current contact information in the Ohio Lobbying Activity Center (OLAC).  Should you need to update your contact information with our office, please log into the appropriate account via OLAC at  … Continue reading

May – August 2017 Lobbying Reports Due October 2, 2017

Reminder – You can now file your May – August 2017 Lobbying Reports via the Ohio Lobbying Activity Center (OLAC) and May – August 2017 Updated Post Employment Disclosure Statements via our website.  The deadline to file reports is October … Continue reading

National Conferences Meals & Beverages

As a general reminder, Members and legislative employees are prohibited from accepting more than $75, aggregated per calendar year in meals and beverages from a legislative agent. Meals and beverages provided by a legislative agent to a Member while attending … Continue reading

Dublin Irish Festival

The 30th Annual Dublin Irish Festival will take place Friday, August 4 – Sunday, August 6, 2017. The following guidance concerns reporting requirements for lobbyists and employers of lobbyists who provide tickets to the Festival to Members of the General … Continue reading

Welcome to Fair Season and the 164th Ohio State Fair!

Once again, fair season has arrived! As we enter this fun part of summer, it is important to keep in mind from whom you are receiving fair passes. A pass to a county or to the Ohio State Fair is … Continue reading

Reporting Meals & Beverages

When a lobbyist purchases meals, food or beverages for a reportable individual, Ohio law requires disclosure of certain details, including date, recipient, description and amount. For example, a lobbyist who entertains two legislators at dinner, must track what each legislator … Continue reading

JLEC identifies more than $55,000 in unreported lobbying expenditures

Office of the Legislative Inspector General reviewing lobbying Activity & Expenditure Reports Lobbyists and employers of lobbyists must file lobbying Activity & Expenditure Reports with the Joint Legislative Ethics Committee/Office of the Legislative Inspector General three times annually. The OLIG … Continue reading